Ground yourself

Grounded Coffee Co. is a coffee shop located in Willimantic, CT. We are excited to partner with a range of roasters both at home and abroad. The coffees we serve are of the highest quality while continuing to be sourced with farmers and producers in mind. We believe that coffee has the power to raise the quality of life for everyone. Our shop is inspired by the endless ways people brew and enjoy coffee all over the world.

Grounded - used to describe a person who is sensible and has a good understanding of what is really important in life

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  • Drinks

    Espresso served w/ seltzer $3

    Espresso + Milk


    Batch Brew

    Iced (cold brew method)

    Manual Brewing (see next tab for offerings)

    Tea (ask barista for offerings)

    Hot $2.50

    Iced (cold brew method)


    Mocha Latte $4.25

    Honey Latte $4.25

    Chai Latte $4.25

    Seasonal $4.25

    Hot Chocolate $3.25

    Little Ones

    Babyccino $2

    Mini Hot Chocolate $2

  • Manual Brews
    Miguel Moreno

    We taste: Roasted by Brandywine Coffee Roasters

    Jamie & Felicia

    We taste: caramel, red berry Roasted by SEY Coffee

    We taste: Roasted by

  • Food
    Bagels (toasted with cream cheese or butter)

    Plain $2.50

    Cinnamon Raisin $2.50

    Crazy $2.50

    Jalapeno Cheddar $2.50

    Spinach Garlic $2.50

    Tomato Basil $2.50

    Quiche (by the slice)

    Vegetarian $3.80

    Bagel Sandwich

    Chèvre $5

    Prosciutto $5

    Baked Goods

    Crumb Cake $4.25

    GF Cookies $2

    Scones $3.50

    Breakfast Bread $2.50

    Theo Chocolate

    Classic Bars $4

    Kids Bars $2

    All our products are baked locally. Bagels are sourced from Bagel One.
Roaster Highlight
Coffee of the Month

SEY Coffee Roasters
Bushwick, New York

"Our approach is simple: Let the coffees speak for themselves. Roast in a way that accentuates all of the natural aromatics and distinct flavor profiles unique to each particular coffee. Procure only the highest quality, fresh-crop, coffees and, through our efforts, honor the dedication and hard work of the coffee producers."