Be Grounded

Grounded Coffee Co. is an exciting coffee shop located in Downtown Willimantic. We feature artfully crafted espresso and filter coffee that is of the highest quality while continuing to be sourced with the farmers' best interest in mind. We are excited to work with coffee roasters on our beloved East Coast who we think are exceptional at what they do. Grounded takes pride in every cup brewed. Our shop is inspired by the Australian coffee culture, featuring laid back and homely vibes.

Grounded - used to describe a person who is sensible and has a good understanding of what is really important in life

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  • Drinks

    Espresso served w/ seltzer $3

    Espresso + Milk


    Batch Brew

    Iced (cold brew method)

    Manual Brewing (see next tab for offerings)

    Tea (ask barista for offerings)

    Hot $2.50

    Iced (cold brew method)


    Mocha Latte $4

    Honey Latte $4

    Chai Latte $4.25

    Winter '17 $4

    Hot Chocolate $3

    Hot Apple Cider $3

    Little Ones

    Babyccino $2

    Mini Hot Chocolate $2

  • Manual Brews
    Ecuador La Papaya

    We taste: floral, clementine, creamy, tropical fruit Roasted by Lofted Coffee

    Kenya Nidimi Ini

    We taste: ripe cherry, vanilla, orange zest Roasted by Lofted Coffee

    Ethiopia Yukro

    We taste: Meyer lemon, herbal tea Roasted by Giv Coffee

  • Food
    Bagels (toasted with cream cheese or butter)

    Plain $2.50

    Cinnamon Raisin $2.50

    Crazy $2.50

    Jalapeno Cheddar $2.50

    Spinach Garlic $2.50

    Tomato Basil $2.50

    Quiche (by the slice)

    Vegetarian $3.80

    Ham $3.80

    Baked Goods

    Crumb Cake $4.25

    GF Cookies $2

    Scones $3.50

    Theo Chocolate

    Classic Bars $4

    Kids Bars $2

    All our products are baked locally. Bagels are sourced from Bagel One.
  • Delivery

    Iced Latte $3.75


    Batch Brew

    Iced (cold brew method)

    Tea (ask barista for offerings)

    Hot $2.50

    Iced (cold brew method)


    Iced Mocha Latte $4

    Iced Honey Latte $4

    Iced Chai Latte $4.25


    Hosmer Mountain Soda $1.10

    Chocolate Milk $2

    Kombucha $5

Coffee of the Month
Coffee of the Month

Giv Coffee
Canton, CT

"Giv Coffee is a coffee roasting initiative that seeks to utilize coffee's global influence to bring about positive change in international coffee communities, coffee consumers, and the lives of those in need."